Yet another idea from the mind of my love. He thought it would be hilarious to have a chicken show a possum how crossing the road is really done, and then have chicken ‘flip him the bird.’ I’ll shamelessly admit that this was really fun to create though.

 It also gets to double as part of his birthday present since he was the one with the good idea! Yay!

6th August 2014 0:00
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I asked my boyfriend to give me something to draw. And I hastily took the challenge, as you can see here. Little fellas going for the record.

1st August 2014 22:12
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Can you imagine if a crime show did an episode about a serial killer/stalker/bad person who chose his victims based on women’s names in Mambo No. 5 and that became their ground breaking lead to find the murderer?!? 

edit: HAHAHA I said cereal. Time to shut the laptop and go for a walk.

1st July 2014 14:16
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1st July 2014 11:33
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Did this for my grandmother as a thank you for all of her support. Love you gramma!

28th May 2014 13:00
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The Char fam bam!

28th May 2014 9:37
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Decided to start over the pokemon challenge again! I was gonna start where I left off, but then I said nah. 

10th May 2014 8:56
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I graduate in a couple hours.


So the time has come. Here is the animation that I’ve been slaving over for the past 4 months! I can’t believe it’s done and I can’t believe I graduate on Saturday… if anyone needs me, I’ll be sleeping.

4th May 2014 20:08
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holla at dat ass